“LeaderShift provides the framework and the applications to train, release, and envision your ministry leaders. As one of the pastors on our staff put it, ‘...this is the first time I’ve ever understood equipping leadership with such clarity.’” ~ Shawn, Mechanicsburg

“The Experiencing Leadershift Application Guide has been a tremendous tool in reintroducing spiritual gifts as they should be expressed in the local body through equippers and servers. Experiencing Leadership has been instrumental in changing everything from the way we approach volunteer leadership to staff hiring.” ~ Erich, Redding

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Most ministries simply do not have a leadership development plan. They will take leaders and use them, but have no real strategy to further develop and equip them. We need a paradigm SHIFT!Marketplace leadership models have created a mix of the spiritual and secular that distorts the view and practice of biblical leadership. We need a paradigm SHIFT!We embrace the theology and teach that the body of Christ needs to be equipped to do works of service (Ephesians 4.11-12). However, there have not been available resources to effectively equip equippers to equip servers to server. Until now! That is why you need to Experience Leadershift!Equip Leaders!  Build Teams!  That is exactly what these Experiencing Leadershift resources by Don Cousins and Bruce Bugbee have been specifically designed and developed to do for you and your ministry:

  • Identify and develop biblical leaders
  • Equip leaders to mobilize people for kingdom ministry
  • Release the power of the gospel to transform lives and communities

“Experiencing Leadershift is food for the mind and encouragement for the soul. It is the conduit between inspiration and reality… leaving no stone unturned.”
Barry, Valrico


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Speed of the Leader … Speed of the Team.

Most ministry leaders function as program planners and event coordinators, not as the people equippers they need to be. Increase your ministry impact by producing more and better equipping leaders and ministry teams. Experience a leadershift. Be biblical, practical, fruitful.

“I’ve had years of education and over 15 years of pastoral experience – and this is the first time I’ve ever understood equipping leadership with such clarity.”
Staff Pastor, Mechanicsburg

Equip your leaders through this DVD integrated approach assists leaders to use the Application Guide as either a Self-Study or Leader-Led training process for leadership development and equipping in your ministry. Either way, every leader is receiving the same identical training. Your leaders will develop common understandings and possess the power of a common leadership language.

With FREE videos online, we have made this highly interactive Experiencing Leadershift Application Guide as easy, accessible and affordable as we can. Now… it is up to you to pour into your key leaders!

Now your leaders have the access and flexibility they need to be equipped on their schedule… 24/7. You just get them together to debrief, share insights and best practices. They learn… you lead!

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There are six critical topics every equipping leader needs to know!

CONTENTS: (252 pages)
Part One: Biblical Foundations
Session 1—The Leadershift We Need
Session 2—God’s Plan for Equipping His Church

Part Two: The Equipping Process
Session 3—Calling
Session 4—Connecting
Session 5—Coaching
Session 6—Changing


Along with the notes and valuable assignments, you also get access to these additional FREE downloads:

A. Two Approaches: Self-Study and Leader-Led
B. Ministry Structures: Institutional and Biblical
C. Programs and Values
D. Personal Ministry Alignment
E. Identifying a Team Fit
F. Getting a Vision
G. Ministry Mission Statements
H. Making Strategic Changes

“It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but I hadn’t run with confidence and FREEDOM in ministry, until I experienced leadershift.”
Todd, Redding

View FREE APPLICATION GUIDE VIDEOS with Don Cousins & Bruce Bugbee

Session 1 Part 1          Session 1 Part 2
Session 2 Part 1          Session 2 Part 2
Session 3 Part 1          Session 3 Part 2
Session 4 Part 1          Session 4 Part 2
Session 5 Part 1          Session 5 Part 2
Session 6 Part 1          Session 6 Part 2

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Experiencing Leadershift TOGETHER is a DVD-driven curriculum which is easy-to-implement and fun to use in ministry teams and small groups. Don Cousins and Bruce Bugbee lead you and your team through foundational understandings of the unique roles of equippers and server. Team members identify and express their role on the team and for the kingdom.

There is a Leader’s Guide and a Participant’s Guide that includes a spiritual gift assessment, passion assessment, daily devotionals, and more!

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Leader’s Guide with six DVD teaching segments (153 pages)

Participant’s Guide (133 pages)

CONTENTS: (45-60 min. Sessions)

Session 1—The Zone of God’s Anointing
Helping every believer identify the right role in the ministry
Session 2—God’s Plan for His Church
How the body of Christ is to be organized. It’s about “we” not just “me”
Session 3—The Equipper
Those with equipping gifts are called to equip the body for the work of service
Session 4—The Server
Those with serving gifts are called to serve by meeting needs personally
Session 5—Why We Need to Get it Right
Questions about equipping and serving…Avoiding mistakes
Session 6—Team Ministry
The difference between serving as a team member and serving as an individual

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