"My encounter with Experiencing Leadershift took the idea of becoming an equipping church from a conceptual model to a practical reality."

Shawn Andrews, Daybreak Church, PA

Contact us for the next RIGHT-PEOPLE RIGHT-PLACES LEARNING COMMUNITY with both "rookies" and "seasoned" equipping leaders! Enjoy three days at the Beach House with Bruce Bugbee. Practical interaction, best practices and coaching." LEARN MORE >>

Explore these proven approaches and resources for individuals, small groups, ministry teams, churches and missional communities!
  • bb-coaching-training
    Get started or re-started right!

    Seasoned coaches create winning teams. You can have the wisdom of over 40 years of gift-based passion-driven ministry experience coaching your team today. Why create mistakes that have been made before? Save time. Get the focused leadership insights you need now. Personalized coaching makes a difference.

  • leadershift
    Get your leaders to be equippers!

    Speed of the Leader/Speed of the Team. Most ministry leaders function as program planners and event coordinators, not as people equippers. Increase your ministry impact by producing more and better equipping leaders and ministry teams. Experience a leadershift. Be biblical, practical, fruitful.

  • leadership-profile-assessment
    Get staff & leadership teams aligned!

    Having the right person in the wrong position can be devastating. Leaders must know what they bring to the team and what they don’t. Discover how God has hard-wired you as a leader. This combination of eight assessments gives your unique leadership profile on eight pages. Invite your whole team into the process.

  • network
    Get better & more motivated servers!

    Used by over 2 million Christ-followers worldwide. They have discovered what they do best in the body of Christ and are serving accordingly. Award-winning resources are available for personal or group exploration of ministry passions, spiritual gifts and personal style. “Don’t be ignorant of spiritual gifts” (I Cor 12.1).